Working At Heights: Construction

$130/person – This course is a full day of training.

Falls kill! They are the number one leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry and the third leading cause of Lost Time Injuries in Ontario. This course has been approved through the Chief Prevention Officers office at the Ministry of Labour.

This course is designed to provide adequate knowledge about fall hazards, and safe work practices when working at heights. This course aims to provide those who use fall protection equipment with sufficient knowledge about how to use and apply it. The overall goal is to reduce the number of fall related incidents in Ontario with the idea that training will help in achieving this. 38% of lost time injuries were from falls. Even surviving a fall can result in life altering injuries. This is why you, as a user, needs to know how to Identify Working at Heights Hazards, Recognize the appropriate fall protection for the situation and have the knowledge to appropriately use the fall protection system

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